Best Skins Creator Pro - for Minecraft PE & PC App Reviews

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Great Game

I could make any skin I thought of.But I think they need to work on the erase.I was using erase and it erased it but when I got out to do a new part of the body nothing was erased and I whet back in and it was erased then I exited out fully to look at my other skins it was erased?! Its also really easy to use

This is a no brainer

This app is easy and fun but the heads dont save and just go black fix this soon


You have to buy ever thing.


Read the title.

Restore purchases

So after deleting my phone and downloading this app again, I did restore purchases and nothing happened. So I went to a skin I created and did shaders, I tried purchasing it again and it said I owned it and it will restore the purchase but didnt. When I try to buy it it just keeps doing this

I ❤️ dis APP!!!

When you need a new minecraft skin, who you gonna call? SKIN CREATOR! This app helps me design and fix or re-color any skin I want! I play PE with friends a lot and of course I want 2 look good! lol. Anyway, this is app is incredible! Very few ads, and as far as I know, no glitches! You should definitely download this app if you need a new mc skin!


So I found lots of skins that are so.... So..... AMAZING!!!! Like I love this app! Its like u could search up what u want and there it pops up! So keep up the great/amazing work. So bye 5 star rating btw❤️

Black head

I worked so hard on a head for my skin and pressed save and my skins head was black

horrible :((

when i tried to upload my skin to minecraft it turned all gray its a waste of $

horrible app!!

tried saving my skin into a photo and sending it to my iPad and it completely ruined my skin. also my previous skin is gone. waste of money.


This is such a amazing app cause you can do what ever design on the body!

I like it

I like this app. Its the only one that isnt a waste of money like other skin creators. Now, if your skins head is black, if you made it from scratch (not base), everything is black. Head, body, arms, and legs. Same with hat, sleeves, shirt, and pants. And yes, your skin will mess up if you send it to another device. So yeah... but I like it.


So i got app and i couldnt get to my Photos but just in 3 weeks i finaly got it i got so much skins thank u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One problem

Yo dudes the problem I have is that whenever I try to send my skin to PC, it asks for security questions and when I answer them and I try to send my skin the page goes dark. Please fix this


This app is great and can always make the best skins

Please add this?

So I love this app but its very difficult to make Alex skins, you should make a way to have an option for a Steve or Alex skin. This could help out a lot please add this

Never fear...

Ever see a button that says custom and takes you to photos and wonder why? Use this and figure out its YOUR skin. Minecraft may give you some. Not too original? Make your own. Dont want to make an original? You can find another players skin and wear that. Go to templates and edit off of their examples. Not enough? The skin library has millions more templates than you can imagine! Dont like this skin creator? To me its perfect. Plus, there are millions of others out there, but in my opinion, this is the best one!

This is so good

This app is so good for making skins. I HIGHLY recommend getting it. You can shade them, mix them with other skins and a lot more. This is a really good app so… yeah


why cant we have accounts for it so we can save the skins? And put them on different devices

I just cannot

Its so cool! And its helpful because when ur tired of a skin u can delete it also if ur little sis or brother gets on it and messes up a skin u can just look it up again or remake it if u make it!sooooooo I love this app and I will never delete it......bye 5 Star Rating

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